Local Chapter Cascading Goals

The attached goals templates helps your chapter set goals that support International’s and your state, provincial or district chapter’s goals and reflect the uniqueness of your local chapter. These templates will help you create your goals using the SMARTI format which allows you to have Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Bounded and Inspiring goals. (If you are not familiar with setting goals in a SMARTI format, please review the “Goals, Strategies and Tactics” video found at www.peoleadership.org.) The template format makes it easy to create and track cascading SMARTI goals. A sample cascading SMARTI goal is provided below.

Each page in the cascading goals template provides one “International Goal” with its associated “Relevance/Inspiration”. You’ll also see a state/provincial/district chapter (s/p/d) goal which cascades from each International goal. Now it is your turn to add chapter goals which reflect the International and s/p/d goals!


     1. As a local chapter, think about how you can support the Sisterhood’s objectives.

     2. On each page of the template, add your chapter goal and the key action steps you’ll take to make the goal a reality.

     3. Next fill in the “Measure of Success” box with the specific evidence that will show your key action steps were completed.

     4. List the sisters who will be accountable for completing the key action steps and the date by which these steps will be completed.

     5. You will have the satisfaction of checking the “Done” box as you finish each key action step!

     6. Complete these steps for each of the goals cascaded down from International Chapter.

You may have additional goals for your chapter that are specific to you and don’t necessarily cascade down from the biennial goals. For example, you may have a goal to ensure every sister builds her familiarity with the International and s/p/d websites or to streamline your meetings. It’s okay to have additional goals. Set these goals in SMARTI format and work to achieve them as well. You will see the benefit of using the template to help you focus to achieve these goals, too.

Follow these Success Tips for achieving your goals:

     · Recruit a collaborative goal-writing team for your chapter

     · Share the proposed SMARTI goals with all chapter sisters for discussion and vote

     · Emphasize why it’s important to cascade the goals of the Sisterhood

     · Share progress regularly

     · Celebrate!

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