Chapter Q Fundraiser - Action on Jackson

     From the chairman of our membership committee came the idea that the talents of members of the chapter could be used for a fund raising event.  With this idea, coupled with a determined and dedicated Ways and Means Committee, Chapter Q in Decatur had an outstanding success with what came to be called “Action on Jackson.” 

     Five members who live on Jackson Street began calling themselves the Jackson Five.  It was in the yards of those members that a street fair was held in April, 2012.  One yard was devoted to a garage sale. The second was a Pantry Shelf where food for consumption at the event as well as take-home food items such as cookies, candy, cakes, pies, breads and frozen casseroles were offered.  A third yard held booths of artists where some our members and some invited guests set up displays.  They were charged no fee for the booth but were asked to donate twenty percent of their sales to our project fund.  The fourth yard was a garden event selling plants propagated by members as well as some yard art.  The last venue was a needle craft area where items made by members were offered for sale.  Most of the supplies for the needle crafters were obtained by members sharing unused and left over materials from past projects.  Offered for sale were knitted items, baby quilts, decorative items, pillows, quilted purses, silk embroidered hand bags, cosmetic bags, aprons, place mats, napkins, baby clothes, and clothes for 18” dolls. The daughter of one of our members also donated beautiful handmade jewelry.

     The sale brought in more than three thousand dollars for Chapter Q, with the fringe benefit being the joy of working on the project together.  It was a morale booster as well as a money maker.

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