Alabama State Chapter History

Alabama P.E.O. history began in the late 1920's when Stella Knapp, BV, Oklahoma moved from Iowa to Auburn, Alabama with her husband, the president of Auburn University. By 1930 she and Harriet P. Seal, I, Florida, who also moved to Auburn from Iowa, received consent to select a charter list.

Stella invited twenty women to her home, told them about the sisterhood, and asked them to sign their names if they were interested in becoming P.E.O. members. Twelve women did so. These women, together with Stella Knapp and Harriet Seal, formed the charter list for Chapter A, Alabama, which was organized by Hallie Newell, Organizer of Supreme Chapter, on March 24, 1930, in the Knapp home.

New chapters developed slowly, but an Alabama State chapter became a possibility twenty-nine years later, when Chapter J, Huntsville, was organized, becoming the tenth chapter in the Alabama subordinate territory. On January 8, 1959, delegates from the ten chapters met in Auburn for a convocation and organization of the Alabama State Chapter by the Supreme Chapter, the highest body of P.E.O. at that time. In 1980 by vote of the Supreme Chapter in convention, the name of the Sisterhood was changed to the International Chapter.

At that time the organization of new chapters was the responsibility of the Organizer of the Supreme Chapter and the charter for newly organized chapters was presented to a delegate from the chapter at the next Supreme Convention. Alabama chapters A through J, as subordinate territory chapters, and the Alabama State Chapter, all received their charters at Supreme Conventions. Chapter K, organized May 19, 1961 was the first chapter in Alabama to receive its charter at an Alabama State convention.

A State chapter was a new world to Alabama P.E.O.s. Instead of a small group of sisters, there were ten times as many within the geographical area. There were new bylaws, statewide officers, a different type of budget that called for travel within the state and to Supreme Convention, and a long-range planning committee to set the trend for Alabama P.E.O.s. For details and memories about the first sixty-five years of P.E.O. in Alabama, see The First Sixty-five Years. The P.E.O. Sisterhood in Alabama, by Mary Isabel Wilson, Published by the Past State Presidents, Alabama State Chapter P.E.O., 1997. Each Alabama Chapter President has a copy in the President’s box.


By Elizabeth Y. Davis

       Past President, Alabama State Chapter


There are 40 chapters in Alabama, with an active membership of over 1,386. Chapters, locations, and dates of organization are listed in the table below.

(*membership total is as of Mar 1st, 2020)

P.E.O. Chapters in Alabama


A   Auburn

B   Birmingham

C   Mobile

D   Birmingham

E   Auburn

F   Birmingham

G   Montgomery

H   Mobile

I    Tuscaloosa

J    Huntsville

K   Montgomery

L   Mobile

M   Huntsville

N   Tuscaloosa

O   Montgomery

P   Birmingham

Q   Decatur

R   Tuscaloosa

S   Florence

T   Birmingham

Date Organized

Mar 24, 1930

Feb 14, 1942

Apr 08, 1949

Feb 10, 1950

Feb 16, 1951

Jan 07, 1955

Jan 26, 1955

Feb 15, 1956

Sep 29, 1956

Jan 29, 1958

May 19, 1961

Mar 12, 1963

Jan 13, 1965

Jan 22, 1968

Jan 20, 1972

Oct 31, 1973

Dec 29, 1974

Apr 29, 1976

Jun 16, 1979

Feb 16, 1980


   U    Decatur

   V    Ozark

   W   Dothan

   X    Auburn

   Y    Montgomery

   Z    Huntsville

AA   Birmingham

AB   Daphne

AC   Tuscaloosa

AD   Huntsville

AE   Anniston

AF   Troy

AG   Foley

AH   Dothan

AI    Prattville

AJ   Huntsville

AK  Birmingham

AL  Madison

AM Birmingham

AN Florence

Date Organized

Apr 04, 1981

Jan 30, 1982

Mar 23, 1985

Aug 03, 1985

Jan 21, 1989

Jan 18, 1992

Jan 29, 1994

Feb 11, 1995

Feb 01, 1998

Dec 01, 2001

Feb 23, 2002

Dec 06, 2003

Feb 28, 2004

Jan 6, 2006

Mar 11, 2006

Jun 17, 2006

May 10, 2008

Oct 12, 2013

Feb 21, 2015

Aug 26,2018

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