Every Sister is a V.I.P. (Very Important P.E.O.)
Monthly Suggestions

Ideas for September 2020

« Ask your nonparticipating members to attend this unusual year’s Summer Staycation Auction social. Each chapter member brings an item in a gift bag from her staycation. Sight unseen, the auctioneer then auctions them off to the highest bidder. This makes a fundraiser a fun raiser.

« Invite a nonresident sister to give a brief virtual program on the city she lives in. What does she like best? Does she have a new favorite local food?

Ideas for August 2020

« Gather little items to create a back-to-school basket for your collegiate member. These could be a bottle of hand sanitizer, a book of stamps, a package of thank you cards, a package of microwave popcorn, gift card, or many other things.

« Set up a telephone game with your local chapter. Have someone start the call with the first name following hers in your yearbook. Pass on the phrase “We’re making history together.” Each sister then calls the next one on the list and passes on the phrase. If you get an answering machine, leave a nice message and move on to the next name. See how quickly the message gets back to the one who started it. Was the message still the same?

« Check on your nonresident sisters with a phone call to see what is happening in their lives. Share what you learn with the rest of your chapter at your next meeting – whether virtual or in-person. As you check on them, make sure all their contact information is correct. Pass on any changes to your corresponding secretary.

Ideas for July 2020

« Use this time to really connect with your chapter sisters. Here are a couple of suggestions.

    «Write a chalk message on her driveway or sidewalk

    «Leave a teacup with a teabag and friendly note in her door – call to make sure she received it.

« Use videoconferencing to introduce prospective members to your chapter. If everyone cannot attend the first one, plan several at different days and times. Make a special effort to accommodate your nonparticipating members.

« Don’t forget about your unaffiliates! Invite those who live in your area to a video meeting with your chapter sisters. What a great opportunity to get to know each other and invite them to a meeting when in-person meetings are resumed.  «

« Have your regularly scheduled program for your chapter during a video call. This is a great opportunity to include your inactive members. 

Ideas for June 2020

« Make a popcorn gift basket for a sister, and attach a card saying “Just popping in to say hi!” Include a recommendation of a movie you could watch at the same time. Give her a call afterward for a quick movie review.

«  Have a virtual get-together and make a special effort to include your nonresidents. Schedule the day and time to make sure they can attend.

«  If you’ve missed a program and it can be done virtually, get it scheduled via Zoom.

«  Have a face mask fashion show.

Ideas for May 2020

«  Ask a nonparticipating member to join you for a virtual lunch. Pick a time that will work for both of you and enjoy catching up.

«  Prepare May baskets for delivery any time this month and leave it at a sister’s doorstep. Give her a follow up call later.

«  If you have a collegiate sister in your chapter, consider having a card shower to send “good luck with finals” cards from individual chapter sisters.

Ideas for April 2020

« Start a new tradition! As a first act of sisterly love, consider giving each new member a bouquet of daisies at her initiation.

« When you are planning your yearbook programs for the upcoming year, choose a month when your chapter historian will bring your scrapbooks. Invite nonparticipating members that are featured in your scrapbooks to be a part of the reminiscences. By looking at your history, you may find a social, fundraiser, or program that you want to recycle.

« Spring into action with a yoga workout. Invite a yoga instructor to do a short, simple class after a meeting. Have everyone bring a fresh healthy snack to share. Members will feel fit, healthy and happy, ready for Spring.

Ideas for March 2020

«Bring a paperback book or a favorite magazine to trade at your next chapter meeting. Put your name and phone number inside the front cover. Call the sister whose book/magazine you took and discuss an article or thank them for sharing.

.«Send a St. Patrick’s Day card to your nonparticipating sisters. Tell them they are missedand you feel lucky you are their sister! Offer them a ride to the next meeting.

«Find an old photo of you and a sister that will bring a smile to your faces, and text, email or mail it to her with a little note of gratitude for the P.E.O. legacy you share.

«Is there a new movie opening soon? Invite a nonparticipating sister to go with you.

Ideas for February 2020

«Send a Valentine card to three sisters with whom you have not had an opportunity to chat recently(include a nonresident).Take 5 minutes out of your day to send a little tangible love through the postal system telling your sisters why you admire them.

«Contact an inactive member and tell her how much you treasure her and miss her.

«Start a book club or other small interest group! Ask sisters to join whom you don’t see often due to their schedules and other commitments. Perhaps your group’s meeting time will be more convenient for them.

«Sign up for an art class with a sister you don’t know as well and enjoy painting, ceramics, or other crafts while learning more about each other.

Ideas for January 2020

«To beat the January blues, invite two or three sisters to come to your home to watch a movie, eat popcorn, and enjoy each other’s company. Be sure to include your nonparticipating and inactive sisters.

«Set a goal for the new year regarding connecting with your sisters. Make it as easy as 1-2-3...1 in-person, 2 phone calls, 3 notes.

«When something happens in your life that matters consider planning an impromptu party to share the joy with yoursisters! Text a quick invitation, “Oh my word! I did it! I just (typed the last word on my new business proposal) (made it through the 5K) (fill in with YOUR achievement)! And I want to celebrate reaching this milestone with the friends who encouraged me to take this step. Any of you up for take-out on me tonight?”

«Remember your collegiate sister as she starts a new semester. Send a card signed by chapter members along with a “thinking of you” care package.

Ideas for Decenber 2019

« Have a cookie exchange! Everyone brings a dozen (or desired amount) of cookies. Divide them up into assortments, package in holiday tins or bags and then share with sisters who are not able to attend meetings.

« Share your singing talents with your sisters and other residents living in senior housing.

« Have a sister who doesn’t have family near? Invite her to share your holiday meal with your family. After all, she is your sister!

Ideas for Novenber 2019

« Acknowledge what a blessing a sister has been to you, e.g., a phone call, a card, or during “for the good of the chapter”.

« There are lots of opportunities to support the community. Plan to help with a food drive or serve at a shelter and include your nonparticipating and inactive sisters. Give them the opportunity to participate or donate, which makes them feel like they are helping too.

« Are your collegiate P.E.O.s coming home for a holiday? Prepare a care package to send back to school with them.

Ideas for October, 2019

« Enjoy the fall weather and invite your sisters to take a walk with you. Taking a walk can be a great bonding experience.

« Discuss how your chapter can make older members feel included. Stress that their dues help support the mission of our Sisterhood. Send a fun Halloween card to show the chapter is thinking of them. Consider conducting a preacceptance or postinitiation counseling at their home so they are a part of the chapter’s growth.

« Plan a social around local fall activities in your area. Invite your BILs and children. Be sure to include your nonparticipating members and guests.

Ideas for September, 2019

« Benevolence box: Have a small attractive box or tin available each month for sisters to help other sisters pay their dues.

« Welcome Home (Back) to P.E.O. events and meetings. Send an evite, postcard or “flyer” announcing the first gathering using the “Welcome Home” idea for all members to feel the fresh start and expectation of a new P.E.O. season.

« Do a WELCOME HOME event to view Projects Night together on the live stream from Convention of International Chapter. Celebrate with fall type theme, sunflowers, popcorn, comfy clothes and amazing speakers! Announce this early enough to snag those nonparticipating members who might just be able to come on a Thursday night to a relaxed event.

« Mid-September is usually a beautiful time in the garden. Invite an inactive/nonparticipating member to go on a garden tour or just bring her a few flowers from your own garden.

Ideas for August, 2019

« College age members are often returning to school. Set up a small basket at a meeting or your summer get-together for members to help stock her dorm room or closet. Toothpaste, paper towels, popcorn are all welcome and an easy purchase.

« Celebrate your active/attending members at a meeting especially if your chapter takes the summer months off. Have a special dessert. 

Ideas for July, 2019:

« Summer is a great time to contact your P.E.O. sisters near and far, especially consider your nonresident members who haven’t found a new P.E.O. home yet. Drop them a note to let them know they are thought of, no matter where they are. If you are traveling in their area, let them know, maybe even meet for a quick visit!

« Plan a trip to a museum that has an interesting, perhaps female oriented, program that will provide a fun way to connect with non-participating sisters and keep you inside the cool. Very often they have a place to eat, enjoy that as well.

« Mentor an older member of the importance continued membership is even though they may not be able to participate as freely. Make them feel included and appreciated.

Ideas for June, 2019:

« Now that the summer has come, contact those newly inactive P.E.O.s and determine if they actually intended to go inactive, or if it was just a missed deadline. Be prepared to discuss how simple it is to reinstate.

« Reach out to inactive and nonparticipating sisters to include them in fun small group activities. Head to the movies, grab some ice cream, or attend a concert in the park – and give these sisters a chance to connect with sisters in an informal way.

« Contact the unaffiliates in your area early in the summer and invite them to a social activity. Even if they aren’t ready to transfer, this would give them an opportunity to meet other unaffiliates in the area as well as members of your chapter.

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