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Chapter Membership Chairmen

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Resources for the Local Chapter Membership Committee Available Now

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Membership Committee Training

  Membership Basics Training Seminar

     Ok, I’m On Our Membership Committee, Now What?


Member Resources

    Membership Tool Box


            Counsel for Membership Booklet

                   Inactive and Reinstatement: A Guide for the Local Chapter President

                   Inactive and Reinstatements Sample Letter

                   Inactive and Reinstatement: Roadmap to Reinstatement

          P.E.O. Academy – Pre-acceptance & Post-Initiation

                   P.E.O. Counsel for Membership Booklet

            Membership Initiatives

                   VIPs-Very Important P.E.O.'s

                   Let’s Go Find the Others – Month, flyer and Program

                   Attendance Challenge: Suggestions for Local Chapters

                   Collegiate Connections Guide for Local Chapters with Collegiate Members

            Resource Documents

                   Chapter Survey

                   Easy Steps for Making a Cold Call – From an”Introduction of a Woman Who is not a P.E.O. Form”

                   Flow Chart – Transfers & Reinstatements

                   Guide for la Lateral Transfer

                   Guide for a Member of a Disbanded Chapter

                   Guide for an Inactive Member

                   Guide for an Unaffiliate

                   Guide for Nonmembers – P.E.O. A Philanthropic Education Organization

                   Guide for Organizing a New P.E.O. Chapter

                   Guide for When You are Invited

                   Introducing Our Daughters to P.E.O.

                   Member Moving Checklist

                   Membership Begins with ME! A Guide for the Local Chapter Membership Committee

                   Mentoring New Members

                   Small Interest Groups

            Membership Forms

                   Introduction of a Woman Who is Not a P.E.O.

                   Lateral Transfer Introduction

                   Notice of Member Moving


          Conflict Resolution – for Local Chapter Presidents

 Franc’s List Worksheet

 Goal Setting Program

 How to Make a Cold Call

 How to Talk About P.E.O.

          Nurturing Programs and Activities

          Understanding the Unaffiliate Process

   The Hot Spot  (Scroll to the bottom to see the latest issue.)

          Monthly newsletter with quick programming ideas

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     Membership Committee Ideas

                  Non-participating members PowerPoint presentation

    Membership Committee Report


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