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Linda Kottmeyer Has Shared a Special Newsletter


Linda Kottmeyer Shares the December

and November Newsletter


Chapter J Is Selling Note Cards


Unaffiliate Files Have Been Updated

Chapter AG Has a Brown Bag Picnic


Linda Kottmeyer Shares the October Newsletter

Chapter P Shares A Member's Award

And Two ELF Recipients


Chapter P Shares News of New Members

Linda Kottmeyer Shares the August Newsletter

Chapter J Shares Their STAR Student's Lastest News

Linda Kottmeyer Shares a Special LEAD Update Newsletter

For the Latest Covid-19 Information 


Chapter T Shares Their Latest Sisterly Treat

Linda Kottmeyer Shares the June & July Newsletters

Elaine Bassett shared some Installation Photos

 Chapter AM Supports Their President 

 2020-21 Chapter Officers Have Been Updated.

Unaffiliate Files Have Been Updated

Chapter Y Has A STAR Recipient!!

Chapter P's STAR Candidate Gets a Scholarship!

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Our Alabama State Board for 2020-2021!

President, Linda Kottmeyer; Vice President, Denise Williams; Organizer, Wendy James; Treasurer,Cindy Fry; and Secretary; Elaine Bassett 

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