Program Ideas

1. Chapter Y Shares a Fun and Easy Craft Project - Button pins.

Debra Cunningham brought her extensive button collection and members had a great time making button pins. Some of Chapter Y's creations are in the photo below. Everyone selected buttons they liked and using hot glue and pin attachments and plenty of conversation and laughs created their pins.

2. Chapter E Shares a Social Idea - Want a Chicago, a New York, or a Dinglewood?

Chapter E celebrated Fall with a 'Puttin' On The Dog' picnic in the backyard of Julia & Earl Norton.  The tables were decked out in red/white checked cloths and featured photo, recipe and ingredients for three different hot dog styles.   A  Hot Dog Trivia quiz entertained all while the dogs were heating up.  A good time was had by all! Download the Hot Dog Trivia Game.       Download the Hot Dog Trivia Game Answers.

3.  Susan Santoli, PSP, Ch H, shares a Cottey program. Download here.


4.  Sesquicentennial Programs - over the next three years programs will be posted for the Sesquicentennial celebration of P.E.O. Click here to view selections.


5.  Chapter Y is sharing a program by Janice Charlesworth about a moderator of the 'Let's Talk' show who interviews two P.E.O. members. Download here.


6.  Chapter E is sharing news about their Mardi Gras party. Judy and Joel Melville hosted 28 members of Chapter E to celebrate Mardi Gras with a traditional Gumbo dinner. Masks and beads were in abundance on walls, tables, and even a few sisters!  A Mardi Gras Quiz was given which added to the merriment of the occasion.

7.  Susan Santoli shared a program on the history of Cottey College. Download here.


8.  Chapter X is sharing news about their latest sister's talent program. Our program included the sharing of interests and talents.  We learned so much about our sisters that we hadn’t known before.  Among them were:  musical talents by Madge Tidwell , poetry and photography by Wendy Cleveland, sharing of handmade  Christening dresses by Martha Dumas, gorgeous knitted items by Margaret Hill  (see photo), quilting by Phyllis Stanaland (see photo), cooking and gardening.   Many thanks to Susan Housel, Vice-President and Program Chair for this great meeting.

9.  Chapter C is sharing ideas with their fundraiser, annual auction and Christmas luncheon. The sale of cake candles was one of Chapter C's fundraisers. Betsy Gerthoffer held an Open House fundraiser in her home where Tastefully Simple products could be sampled and purchased.

10.  Chapter V is sharing a new ELF program. Download it here.


11.  Chapter X is sharing their Christmas Fundraising Social.  The Christmas Brunch for Chapter X was a social meting held at Lake Martin at the beautiful home of Kennie Kay Halley, a new initiate of the chapter.  The decorations and food were simply elegant. In addition everyone was pleased with the amount of funds raised for projects' donations.


    Each member purchased a raffle ticket which allowed them to choose one of the wrapped gifts brought by other members.  Most attractive and tempting were the three special donated gifts; a hand made dried hydrangea wreath, a hand painted Santa cypress knee and an unusual curly poinsettia.  Lots of tickets were purchased and fingers and toes were crossed in hopes of winning one of these. They highly recommend their method of raising funds for the projects and having lots of fun!

12.  In April 2005 members of Chapter M, Huntsville, had a evening of good food, and murder and mayhem when they staged a dinner and mystery, "Murder of the Prairie" as a BIL party.  Everyone came dressed in jeans, denim skirts, plaid shirts, boots, old west skirts, etc.  They were given clues to help solve the shooting of a wealthy, but unpopular, landowner who was gunned down while riding his horse into the town of Dodge City. 

13. Straight from International, Can You Hear Me Now?,  Susan Santoli's workshop presented in October 2005 in Vancouver, BC.  Staying connected with the P.E.O. Sisterhood-- Do you ever feel like you need a little help when trying to stay connected with P.E.O. on the local, state, and international levels?  Star-u-lar Communication Systems offers an unlimited calling area and great calling plans along with suggestions on improving your P.E.O. communication at all levels. Open Staying Connected File.  If you want to use the PowerPoint slide show to go with it download Can You Hear Me Now file. (Be patient the PowerPoint file is over 8 meg.)

14.  Enjoy a lively interview with Suela Pearson Penfield, one of the seven founders of P.E.O written by Nancy Sites Findley of Chapter AB, Alabama.  The program contains lots of interesting information about the founders.  This program gives a few historical details of Chapter AB, Alabama which could easily be changed to fit your chapter.   Open Suela Program


15.  Try this idea for a chapter program.  Ask the question:  “What is the best thing a P.E.O. has done for you?”  Chapter Y tried this and the perspectives of each member made for a fun and sisterly bonding program.  It was wonderful to hear examples of loving support and good things about each other.  We even had a guest for this program…what better way to show the ‘sisterly’ side of our organization!  (This topic came from the Sep/Oct 2004 P.E.O Record.) 


16.  Color Our Founders Beautiful is a program giving a color to each founder.  A colored candle may be lit for each founder.  Poetry is integrated into to description of each founder and her personality.  Open Color Our Founders Beautiful program


17. This program was originally given by Peggy Lovin to the Tuscaloosa  Reciprocity Group.  It gives information about our founders as well as relating P.E.O. to the 21st century.  The questionnaire gives your chapter or Reciprocity Group a chance to get to know a little more about each other in a fun way.  Open Founder's Program

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